Combat Round Detail

  1. Spend blood (can be done other times, but this is where celerity is activated), activate powers, make Vanish or other declarations
  2. Alacrity - Celerity pre-empt action, counts as your normal action, takes place in trait order. May be Physical, Social, or Mental action
  3. Normals - People not using Celerity act. Shroud drops, Arms appear and can act on Normals at their Trait level (3 for normal Arms)
  4. Swiftness - Celerity extra action, must be physical action
  5. Legerity - Celerity extra action, must be physical action
  6. Black Metamorphosis – must be an action using Black Met arms (can be for effect)
  7. Ambidexterity attacks, must be an attack or strike with natural arm (can be for effect)
  8. End of Round resolutions – Vanish, Form powers take effect, expiration of end of round powers

    The Action

    • Surprise: (LOTNR p200)
    • If you have surprise, you get to act and the opponent does not get to declare an action, only defend for the round.
    • Surprise is either obviously surprise, as in popping out of Obfuscate or striking from stealth from behind or while the victim is asleep or otherwise unaware of their surroundings.
    • Surprise in other situations is determined by saying in a normal voice 'Surprise 1, surprise 2, surprise 3' within conversational distance of the target. If you get through saying all things, you get surprise for the round.
    • Surprise does not work if the target is already in combat or has Eyes of Chaos active.
    • The aggressor can risk an additional physical trait to get a retest if he loses the surprise challenge.

    • Declare action – Must be either for effect or for damage, (some exceptions)
      • Bid traits as necessary.
      • “Potent“ is a trait given by Potence 4 which is never lost and can be used for strength related actions.
      • If “wounded,” bid an extra trait.

      • Call for Negative traits.
      • Each correctly declared negative requires the opponent to bid an extra trait in the challenge. If they lose, they lose all the bid traits.
      • If covering a negative trait bid, those can be lost. If you can't cover your negative traits, the opponent will be up that number of traits.
      • If you call a negative trait the opponent doesn't have, you lose an extra trait yourself.

    • Chop.
      • In case of ties:
      • Puissance ties work only on strength-related actions, not on defense
      • Fleetness ties work only on speed-related actions.
      • We do not require bomb declarations in Frednecksburg, though some games do, per the book.
      • Can use Potence 1: Prowess to refresh all Brawny, Ferocious, Stalwart, Tough, Wiry traits.
      • If no clear winner on ties, compare number of traits.
      • If ‘wounded,’ lose on ties.
      • ‘Bruised’ puts you down one trait on ties.
      • Add traits from weapons or powers as appropriate

      • Ability retest.
      • Opponent may cancel if they have the appropriate ability.
      • You get one ability retest per action
      • Willpower retest - only on defense to mind altering powers

      • Overbid
      • If you have more than double the traits of the opponent and lose, you may bid an extra trait to attempt to overbid and retest.
      • If you lose, you lose the extra trait.
      • If you guess wrong, you do not get the retest and you lose the trait you bid for the retest.

      • Powers retest
      • Awe for social challenges. Spend a social trait.
      • Shroud as appropriate
      • Might for physical challenges. Might is the last retest you get in a round, though it doesn't stop someone else from retesting.

      • Merit retest
      • Oracular or Luck. Luck is the only one that comes after Might (though Shroud requires a retest on a successful outcome, which is not the case until after Might resolves)

    • Resolution
    • If traits were bid, loser loses bid traits. Winner does not.
    • Action may either be for effect (grab, push, etc.) or damage, not both.
      • Determine damage dealt (if action was to deal damage)
      • Base unarmed damage is 1 bashing
      • Firearm damage depends on weapon
      • Melee damage depends on weapon
      • Potence 1 upgrades bashing damage to lethal
      • Potence 5 adds one additional damage

      • Determine damage taken as necessary
      • Armor soaks first damage according to its armor rating and is then useless
      • Fortitude 3 lowers 1 incoming aggravated damage to lethal with successful simple test. Must spend a stamina related trait to win on ties unless you have Fortitude 4.
      • Fortitude 4 lowers 1 incoming lethal to nothing with successful simple test. Must spend a stamina related trait to win on ties unless you have Fortitude 5.
      • Aegis can be blown at any time at the cost of three permanent physical traits or one permanent willpower trait. Aegis causes all damage done to you this round to be negated. It must be declared before the staking chop to prevent staking.