Simple Wiki Setup Guide for the Sabbat Wiki


Since some people expressed an interest in the Sabbat Wiki, here's the basic rundown on how it works:

The Wiki is NOT an IC thing itself (There is no IC wiki website), but the information on it IS what you can find with a Politics/Lore chop on you. Remember that before you go spreading secrets you would never reveal IC. The info is fair game for others to use.

(If you want to add a second character, start with step 3 below, No need to re-enter the request form.)

Detailed Instructions for Setting Up the Wiki Entry

If you already have a wiki logon from an existing character and want to enter an additional character, start at this point.

Go to the Character Template page Click the 'View Source' option at the top center/right of the screen The Source text box will have the template for your page on it. You will see a section at the very top that looks like this:

{{BioInstructions}} __HIDDENCAT__ ----

  1. Copy everything below that section
  2. Go back to the Character Template page
  3. Type your character's name into the text box
  4. Click 'Create Character Bio' button
  5. Paste the copied text into the resulting box.

Formatting, making it look good

The first section has lines like this:

|Clan=??? |Position=???

Fill them out like this:

|Clan=Brujah Antitribu |Position=Ductus

Use only standard titles or names. Our Diocese is 'Central Virginia' rather than the specific city. This lets us be found as a game. Fill in the rest of the sections according to the instructions provided in the comment brackets:


The lines that start with = signs are section headers, and end up in the table of contents at the top. The more = signs, the lower-level the header.

=Header 1= (Really big and bold header)
==Header 2== (Less big and bold, but still pretty big)
===Header 3=== (Even less big and bold)
An * creates a bullet, for a bulleted list. The single quotes ' make subheaders. 3 single quotes surrounding text (''' Text ''') makes it bold. 2 single quotes ('' Text '' ) makes it italic 1 single quote ( 'text' ) does nothing, and you see the ' around the text on the page.

Uploading Pictures:

You can upload a picture by following the instructions below the placeholder 'Like a Boss' picture. Just make sure to change the line in your wiki page that says this:

[[Image:Wiki.png|thumb|[[Special:Upload|Upload]] your own picture and replace this section with your own]]

With this:

[[Image:TheNameOfYourFileHere.jpg|thumb|[[Special:Upload|Upload]] your own picture and replace this section with your own]]


This should be enough to get you started. I'd recommend using your VTES card from the website (If you don't have one, please let me know if you want one and I'll make one for you.) The standard for Domain= for us is 'Central Virginia' This keeps us all in one place.

Your STs can make adjustments to the page, or include rumors about your character. (You can add your own rumors as well)

If you want a pack page, you can create one. Just use the 'Faction' template and change it up to reflect your pack instead. Perhaps at some point, a 'pack' template will be created.

I shouldn't have to say it, but please represent your game well. We reserve the right to make corrections and hold you accountable for the content of your page. I'd rather not have to, and I don't think anyone would put up anything objectionable or otherwise unacceptable, but it's good policy to say it in writing. Remember, it's IC info, even if the pages themselves are not IC. Look at existing pages to see what others have done for their characters for ideas.